June 2022 Feature Roundup

OnCall’s monthly feature roundup highlights our product improvements and new features released each month. Understand the benefits of every feature for your business, access support articles, and features guides. 

Maximize staff efficiency with form scheduler

We’re laser-focused on helping your staff manage telehealth operations and deliver care more efficiently. Now, providers and administrators can schedule forms so patients receive them at a specific future date and time, instead of manually sending them after every appointment. 

With form scheduler, staff can set up program workflows ahead of time with automatic prompts for scheduled forms, and ensure that patients are only sent relevant forms at specific intervals. This makes it easier for patients to manage their assessments, homework, and care. 

Learn how to implement and use form scheduler here. 

Reduce manual patient follow up with new payment preferences on booking page 

Save time and reduce the need to manually follow up with patients for payment by changing your division’s booking page payment preferences to require that patients provide credit card details prior to their appointments. 

You can choose to only accept appointment requests from patients who are fully committed to their care, and providers are guaranteed payment even if it’s a no-show appointment. 

Current customers should speak to your Customer Success Manager to add your payment preferences to your booking page. 

Easily track patient cancellation reason

Now, patients can specify their appointment cancellation reason in their patient portal on the mobile app, and staff can view and assess cancellation reasons to learn more about their telehealth operations. 

Patients can learn how to cancel an appointment and add their cancellation reason here. 

Coming soon to OnCall 

Introducing OnCall’s subscriptions tool! 

Providers and administrators can self-manage instant messaging subscription programs on their own. The tool currently supports unlimited messaging subscriptions, with additional appointment types coming in the future. 

New billing tab 

Staff can view a list of all transactions in their division to track failed payments, follow up with patients, and reconcile records easily.