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Pyramid Healthcare uses OnCall to launch virtual programs


Pyramid Online Counselling (Pyramid), a division of Pyramid Healthcare Inc., was founded in 2020 during the virtual care industry’s exponential growth. Pyramid Healthcare Inc. was originally formed to provide in-person services, offering both in-patient and out-patient healthcare options to patients looking for mental healthcare services. However, the pandemic highlighted the urgent need for patients to continue receiving care while being safe due to pandemic restrictions. So, Jodi Jaspan, Pyramid’s Director of Marketing, leveraged OnCall’s end-to-end virtual care platform to launch Pyramid’s branded service. With their brand at the forefront of their mobile and web application, Pyramid was able to continue offering important mental healthcare services to their patients under Pyramid’s trusted brand name. The patients Pyramid serves, such as teens, eating disorder and addiction patients, could not wait to resume care after the pandemic. This meant that Pyramid required rapid implementation with an easy-to-use interface for both patients and providers, so providers could begin to offer virtual care quickly and effectively.

Connecting Pyramid’s technology

Pyramid was using CareLogic for their Electronic Medical Record (EMR), but did not have a patient-facing application to help facilitate secure appointment scheduling, virtual appointments, file sharing, and more. More importantly, OnCall integrates directly with CareLogic with an open Application Programming Interface (API). This means that Pyramid can pass patient data and information back and forth seamlessly between their technologies, increasing operational efficiency, helping providers save time, and improving the overall patient experience. Choosing OnCall as Pyramid’s virtual care solution was a no-brainer. Jodi and her team started workflow mapping and implementation with OnCall’s team in October.

Scaling their virtual care program 

OnCall worked with Pyramid to launch their virtual care program in Philadelphia in 30 days, with 20 providers using the program to schedule appointments, conduct virtual sessions, and provide ongoing care to patients throughout the state. Due to the immediate success of the program, with over 1879 appointments scheduled in just 2 months, Pyramid began to scale their virtual program into Georgia with over 10 providers using the platform. OnCall is HIPAA compliant and can be used in any clinical setting or healthcare organization, meaning that providers can offer secure healthcare across state lines. Virtual care has helped Pyramid not only provide care to current patients, but expand services across state lines to launch new business and evolve their long term care strategy of effective care for all.

The benefits of Pyramid’s virtual programming 

In order to understand patient engagement and to discern program satisfaction, Pyramid launched a patient engagement survey through OnCall, with over 95% of patients agreeing that Pyramid’s branded solution allows them to access crucial healthcare services through an intuitive solution that is safe and effective. Moreover, providers were reporting increased time savings because of OnCall’s automation features, such as appointment notifications and billing. In Fact, Pyramid had switched from a previous payment solution to OnCall because, as Jodi says, “OnCall removed the clunkiness of payment processing for both providers and administrators to help save time and money for everyone”.

Pyramid was seeing a 998% quarterly growth in appointments scheduled, an unprecedented amount for the organization. With OnCall’s API, providers were able to easily schedule initial consultations and continuous follow up appointments with patients through CareLogic EMR, with the information passed directly to the OnCall platform. This allows providers to create, see, and manage appointments from CareLogic– which is used by all Pyramid providers regardless of location– without having to enter information into OnCall, too. By using OnCall’s API, Pyramid providers were no longer focused on operational requirements. Rather, providers were treating more patients efficiently with over 5400 appointments scheduled in just 6 months. 

Pyramid believes that teletherapy through OnCall is “the future of behavioral healthcare,”with an eye on expanding virtual healthcare services to more states, such as North Carolina. With OnCall, Pyramid can offer accessible and ongoing health care from inpatient therapy to outpatient virtual programming, while continuing to use OnCall’s robust API to connect programs and people for better healthcare.