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OnCall’s 2021 product video

OnCall’s key features released in 2021

This video highlights OnCall’s key features released in 2021 that enhance the patient and provider telehealth experience. In this video we’re review 5 key features and explain how they help maximize provider and administrator efficiency to save time and money, and improve the patient experience for better patient health outcomes.

Discover how OnCall can help you deliver superior virtual treatment:

  • Our API greatly enhances staff efficiency by reducing manual administrative work, because staff no longer has to manually enter data in multiple systems.

  • Patient Roster sharing enables providers on the same team to work collaboratively in one patient profile, sharing patient history, session notes, and other information that is important for each patient’s care.

  • Enhance the patient experience to boost program completion rates with improved secure login tools, patient form supports, and a redesigned appointment summary page with technical support.