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Virtual care platform helps Alberta patients with sexual therapy

Alberta’s Insight Psychological is a counselling practice that has implemented a virtual care platform, including videoconferencing and instant messaging, to provide psychological services to Albertans. Sexual therapy is one of Insight’s specialties, with ASSECT certified therapists and sexologists in major cities, including Edmonton and Calgary.

Insight works with Toronto-based OnCall Health, a developer of a virtual platform for healthcare practitioners, to provide online counselling to a number of clients.

“OnCall Health has made it possible for our large team of therapists to provide valuable support to clients across Alberta who are located in rural areas or who may experience barriers to transportation, or fears and phobias that make in person visits impossible,” said Dr. Cory Hrushka, CEO of Insight Psychological.

“With the support of OnCall Health, our therapists can reach clients on their own terms and in an environment that is comfortable, as well as conducive to success in therapy.”

Dr. Hrushka is a senior psychologist, a PhD and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. His main specialty is sexuality, with a secondary focus on violence related issues, trauma and couple counselling issues.

Dr. Hrushka currently runs Insight Psychological, where he supervises and supports the team of psychologists, as well as 10 provisional psychologists and Masters-level students. “We are proud to offer services in multiple locations, and OnCall Health has been instrumental in helping us go to the next level by eliminating all geographical barriers for our clients across Alberta.”

OnCall Health is a leading Canadian virtual care platform which allows healthcare practitioners to leverage secure video conferencing and instant messaging technology in their practices. This Toronto start-up sees a future where all healthcare practitioners, from psychotherapists to GPs, utilize a virtual care platform as a core part of their practices.

Launched in 2015, OnCall has expanded quickly, partnering with some of the largest providers of mental health and occupational health services across Canada. Today, over 1,000 healthcare providers across Canada and the United States trust OnCall Health to make their services more accessible, offering secure video conferencing and messaging appointments to their patients.

OnCall’s benefits include the platform’s Canadian healthcare compliant security measures (meeting standards for both PHIPA and PIPEDA compliance) as well as a design focused on accessibility.

Applications for OnCall’s services include mental health, home healthcare and primary care, with mental health practitioners making up the majority of their current customer base. OnCall Health said it is investing significantly in its technology as virtual visits in primary care are rapidly rising, with the number of telehealth appointments expected to increase tenfold in the next two years.