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What is an API and how does it benefit your behavioral health business?

What is an API and how does it benefit your telehealth platforms? 

How Can OnCall’s API increase interoperability between your telehealth platforms? Ranked as one of the leading digital health solutions in North America, OnCall’s API allows data seamlessly flows between your telehealth platforms and OnCall to reduce administrative redundancies, so providers can be more proactive in their treatment, increase access to care, and improve continuity of care across their organization. The exchange of data between telehealth platforms means that healthcare organizations work with interoperable systems to improve both the health of their organization and the health of patients. 

Watch our video to learn more about our API and how it can benefit you and your digital healthcare operations.

Discover what OnCall Health’s PHIPA and HIPAA compliant API can do for your organization: 

  • Appointment Management: Create, edit, and share appointment information like date, time and appointment duration between OnCall and other telehealth platforms.  

  • User Management: Retrieve user information like provider or admin names and emails, and share them with your EMR, CRM, or other telehealth platforms. 

  • Form Management: Securely send forms and files to patients, such as  telehealth consent forms, and share their responses between your telehealth platforms easily. 

  • Patient Management: Update patient information in roster or create new roster profiles with information flowing from healthcare platform to healthcare platform.

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