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How OnCall’s onboarding team helped a leading behavioral health company increase virtual appointments by 200%

How to make sure your organization is PHIPA compliant
Overview of Ontario health agencies
How to make sure your organization is PHIPA compliant

November 17, 2022

Identifying opportunities for growth

OnCall’s white label telehealth platform enables the company to consolidate tools—meaning that every aspect of telehealth could be completed in one platform— and delivered on the company’s mandate of gold-standard care for everyone.

An evolved telehealth strategy

Optimizing and improving workflows

The onboarding and implementation process

Meeting key retention and growth goals

OnCall automated the company’s collection of late or no-show fees, so administrative staff no longer have to manually reconcile payment with patients. OnCall also implemented automatic outcomes tracking, where patients receive GAD-7 and PHQ-9s at specific intervals to help providers easily capture clinical outcomes and create proactive treatment plans for every patient.

Key results

Seeing immediate results

How Telehealth can Help